Update September 24 2020

 Our weekly testing of employees continues this week in accordance with CMS and PA DOH recommendations.  All test results from last week were negative.  Today, a resident presented with upper respiratory symptoms.  We have conducted a COVID-19 test on this resident to rule it out.  In the meantime, we have implemented isolation precautions on this unit which is now designated as a Yellow Zone until we receive the results.  Staff have been educated on the use of PPE for residents and signage was updated and posted throughout the building.  Social Service staff have called the families or representatives of the resident's on this unit and provided an update to all residents.  

At this time, there are no changes to our re-opening plans since we do not have a confirmed positive test result.  We do believe that our current policies and practices for visitors is safe and we can effectively assure that there is no risk for exposure to our residents.  We will notify you if anything changes.  Updates on resident and staff testing will be posted here when we have the results.


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