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 There continue to be no positive cases of COVID-19 amongst staff or residents.  The facility will be completing monthly testing of staff 11/1 through 11/3 based on Lancaster County's positivity rating remaining below 5%.  This week, Lancaster County was at 3.9%.  We are checking the positivity rating every week on Monday to determine our testing course of action.  We continue to follow CMS and PA DOH guidance regarding use of PPE and infection control precautions.  Any changes or updates on our COVID-19 situation will be posted here as we have done throughout the pandemic.  Have a nice weekend!

Update October 9 2020

We have completed universal testing again following a positive employee test result that we received on 9/27/20 from the 9/24 test date.  All residents and employees have been tested and there were no new positive test results.  We will be moving back into Step 2 of the reopening plan as outlined by the PA Department of Health.   Residents have been eating in the dining rooms with appropriate distancing and infection control measures in place. They have been participating in small group activities with no more than five residents in a group with social distancing, hand hygiene and masking which is permitted in Step 1.  In Step 2, we will be allowing residents to participate in activities with no more than 10 residents to a group with social distancing, hand hygiene and masking.  We have continued with family visits outdoors while in Step 1.  We will continue with visits as planned and will allow indoor visits in our neutral zone areas depending on weather.  Please continue to coordinat