Update September 19, 2020

We continue weekly employee testing under guidance from CMS and PA DOH according to county positivity rates.   The positivity rate for Lancaster County published by CMS on Thursday is 5.1% which means that we will continue to test weekly.  There are currently no positive resident or employee cases. It has been one month since our last positive employee test result and over three months since our last positive resident case.  We continute to follow current PA DOH guidance on use of PPE and infection prevention measures in our mitigation efforts. All staff are required to wear eye protection and masks throughout the facility.  Since the facility has been in Step 2 for 14 days and we have had no new  positive test results, we are now considered to be in Step 3 of the Re-opening plan.  That means we are permitted to have activities with social distancing, hand hygien and universal masking and outings limited to the number of people where social distancing can be me maintained, use of vol…

Update Sepetmber 10, 2020

We are happy to report that the re-opening went as planned yesterday!  It was truly heartwarming to see residents united with loved ones!   The positive energy and happiness was palpable!  We do appreciate your patience as we have worked diligently through this long process.  The facility remains free of any active COVID-19 cases.  As reported, we have gone more than three (3) months without a positive resident test result.  We have had sporadic employee positive test results which has delayed our opening.  DOH guidance requires that we go fourteen (14) days with no new positive cases (employee or resident) before we can open.  We have been testing weekly for the past several weeks.  Our plan was to move to monthly testing this week. However, new guidance from CMS and PA DOH requires us to conduct screening testing based on county positivity rates.  It is based on the COVID-19 activity level in the county.  There is detailed information on this topic which can be located on the CMS w…

Update September 3rd: RE-OPEN NEXT WEEK

All of this week's test results are now in and all are negative.  We have gone 14 days with no new positive employee cases and over 90 days with no new resident cases. We are very excited to let you know that we will be proceeding with our re-opening plans as scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Visits are scheduled four days a week at designated times by unit.  Many have already been booked for this week. If you have not already done so, please contact the Therapeutic Recreation Department to schedule your visit.  All visits must be scheduled in advance.  We do have very structured visitation schedules so that we can ensure proper social distancing, infection control measures, and adequate use of PPE.  As you come to the building, the front entrance is very well marked to guide you to the visitor registration area.  You will have your temperature taken and be asked a series of questions in accordance with our screening protocol.  Anyone who has traveled to s…

Update August 28, 2020

The employee testing for this week has been completed.  So far, all results are negative with 99% of the results returned.  Resident testing was completed today.  We will report on those results once they are received.  We are required to complete testing again next week per DOH guidance. The facility remains at Step 1 in the Department of Health's plans to re-open.  It has been 11 days since our last employee tested positive.  We are required to go 14 days with no new confirmed positive reslts before we can move to Step 2.  If there are no new positive results next week, we will plan to open to visitors on September 9th.  I will post the re-opening plan here next week.  There are no changes in the plan that was originally posted on July 24th.  All processes remain in place to assure safety during the reopening.  We will resume communal dining in the solarium next week.  Additionally, we have been holding small group activities in the solarium. Residents and staff are maintaining …

Update August 23, 2020

We have received the employee results from last week and there was one new confirmed positive case.  The residents were tested at the end of the week, we have not received the results yet.  There are no persons under investigation.  Due to the positive employee case, we will remain at Step 1 for re-opening.  We will continue testing residents and staff until we go fourteen days with no new confirmed positive cases.

Update August 18, 2020

We received the resident test results from last week and all results were negative.  We are testing all employees again this week and will report on those results when they are received.  Residents will be tested again at the end of this week.  We continue to follow all necessary infection control protocols as required by the CDC, CMS and PA DOH.  If there are no new confirmed employee or resident cases through testing next week, we will again plan to proceed with our re-opening plan.  Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the challenges of this pandemic.

Update August 13, 2020

We received all of the employee results today and unfortunately, we have identified a new confirmed positive employee.  This employee did not have any resident contact so there is no resident exposure.  However, since we have a new confirmed positive case, we must again delay our plans to re-open for visits.  We will be testing all employees and residents again weekly until we achieve 14 days with no new positive cases in order to re-open.  We are very disappointed that we have another confirmed positive employee case.  However, as we have said, we are literally at the mercy of what is happening in the community.  We will keep you posted of test results next week and all plans going forward.