Update June 1, 2020

There are no new confirmed positive resident or employee cases to report today.  We have resolved six more resident cases today.  We continue to follow CDC and DOH guidance regarding infection control practices as well as recommendations for testing strategies and cohorting staff and residents.  Our second round of weekly testing is scheduled to begin tomorrow. The weekly family update calls started today for this week.  We will continue to keep you updated with any new information.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.
There are currently 72,282 total cases in the state according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.  Lancaster County has 3189 cases as of today.

Update May 30 2020

There were no new confirmed positive resident or employee cases for yesterday or today.  We have completed the weekly testing.
The Department of Health website today shows 71,415 total cases in the state.  Lancaster County has 3131.
We will continue with weekly calls and updates next week unless there are any changes to report tomorrow.

Update May 28, 2020

We completed mass testing again this week of residents and employees whose results were negative last week.  After receiving the results for all residents and at least 75% of the employees, we have identified two new confirmed positive asymptomatic residents and three new confirmed positive asymptomatic employees.  The remainder of the employees will be tested tomorrow.  We will plan to do another round of testing next week for those residents and employees with negative results this week based on CDC testing strategy recommendations. (HAN 508) CDC guidance recommends re-testing employees and residents who have tested negative weekly until there are 14 days with no new confirmed positive cases.  Our weekly results will guide us in the decision making process as  we move forward.
Based on this week's test results, we moved two residents out of a "Yellow" Zone (exposure but no positive cases) into a "Red" Zone (active cases),.  The three employees are currently n…

Update May 27, 2020

We have received notice of one new confirmed positive resident case today. There are no new confirmed positive employee cases to report today. We continue to follow CDC and DOH recommendations.  We are currently in the process of resolving multiple resident cases even as we conduct re-testing for those residents and staff that previously tested negative.  Our goal has been to quickly identify those individuals who may be asymptomatic but test positive.  Quickly identifying these individuals will help us to prevent the spread by separating the confirmed positive individuals from those who are negative.  We have grouped residents according to their testing status, called "cohorting" into "Red", "Yellow" and "Green" Zones in accordance with DOH guidance.  Individuals in the "Red" Zones are those that have an active or resolved confirmed positive status.  Residents in "Yellow" Zones are those considered to be exposed.   All preca…

Update May 26, 2020

There are no new confirmed positive resident cases to report today.  There was one new confirmed positive case today.  Weekly testing has begun for all staff today who previously tested negative.  Weekly testing was completed today for the residents who previously tested negative.  We will report the outcome when the results are received.  This testing strategy is being done the effort to quickly identify any individuals who may be asymptomatic to prevent the spread of the virus.  We continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and DOH.
Our social workers and other support staff continue with the weekly calls to keep families updated on the status of their loved ones as well as to provide the total cumulative numbers related to COVID status in the facility.
The Department of Health reported 68,637 total cases today, an increase of 451 from yesterday.  Lancaster County reported 131 new cases today bringing the county total to 2985.

Update May 25, 2020

There are no new confirmed positive resident or employee cases to report today.  There is one pending employee test result.  We will begin our weekly testing of residents and employees tomorrow and will report on any changes as results are returned.  We continue to follow CDC and DOH recommendations for isolation and infection control precautions.  We will make adjustments as necessary as our data changes.
The Department of Health reported 453 new cases in the state today bringing the total reported cases to 68,186.  Lancaster County had an increase of 42 confirmed positive cases since yesterday bringing the county total to 2896.
Happy Memorial Day!

Update May 24, 2020

We received notification of two new resident positive cases today.  These two were part of the first batch of universal tests from last week.  Because the results were inconclusive for these individuals, we re-tested and received confirmed positive results today.  We have received notification of one new confirmed positive employee test.  There are no pending employee tests.
We have made arrangements to begin weekly testing starting on Tuesday.  Residents and families will be notified prior to completion.
We continue to screen all staff at the beginning and end of the shift as well as if they leave the building during the shift.  Residents are being monitored for symptoms each shift.  We are following CDC and DOH recommendations for infection precautions and cohorting the positive staff and residents.
Today, the Department of Health reported that there are 67,713 total cases of COVID-19 in the state. This is an increase of 730 cases from yesterday.  In addition, Lancaster County has …