June 5, 2021

We have completed all outbreak testing following the last employee positive test result on 5/14.   The Lancaster County positivity rate is now down to 2.2%.   Therefore, we will now be testing unvaccinated staff monthly unless there is a new resident or employee positive test result.  Visitation remains open.  Currently, 51% of the staff and 80% of residents are vaccinated.  All employees and residents are offered and encouraged to receive the vaccine.  We are required to report vaccination status of employees and residents to the CDC.  Additionally, we are obtaining information of the vaccine status for any vendors/contractors who work in the building at least one day during the week as required by CDC for reporting purposes.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work through  the vaccine reporting guidance.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. Have a beautiful weekend! Sharon Eyster, MA, ACBSW, CNHA, FACHCA Director of Operat

May 28, 2021

 We are in the process of completing week two outbreak testing.  All residents have tested negative.  The staff tested today were all negative.  The county positivity rate this week is down from 3.8% last week to 3.6% this week.  If all employee test results are negative, we will be testing non-vaccinated staff monthly starting next week. Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Sharon Eyster, MA, ACBSW, CNHA, FACHCA Director of Operations, Wilmac

May 21, 2021

The facility is in the process of completing the second week of outbreak testing since the employee positive test result on 5/14/21.  There were no positive resident or staff test results identified since the positive test result of 5/14. Today, the Lancaster County positivity rate is at 3.8% which means that staff testing will be reduced to monthly after the weekly testing next week provided the county positivity rate remains below 5%. We continue to encourage residents, employees and family members to get the vaccine to support our efforts at protecting our residents from exposure to COVID-19.  We will continue with scheduled indoor visits as planned.  The updated guidance from CMS on 4/27 (see blog of 4/30) provided new guidance for fully vaccinated residents and their visitors.  Visitors may voluntarily disclose their vaccine status if they wish to visit fully vaccinated residents without the use of masks or physical distancing.  We have included this as an option in our visitation

May 14, 2021

We are continuing with outbreak testing this week following the positive employee test result reported on Monday. This morning, another employee tested positive.  Contact tracing revealed that there was no resident exposure.  A new round of outbreak testing was started today.  All residents were tested today and all had negative results.  115 employees were tested today, 114 had negative results.  The rest of the staff will be tested tonight and tomorrow. The Lancaster County positivity rate this week is down to 5.1%, which is good news.  We continue to follow CMS and CDC infection control guidance for nursing homes. Staff continue to be screened before the start of their shift.  Staff are also required to wear eye protection and face masks in Green Zones (no exposure, no suspected COVID-19).   A Yellow Zone (transmission based precautions)  is reserved for new admissions who are not vaccinated or for anyone with suspected symptoms (there are none).  Yellow Zone guidance requires staff

May 10, 2021

We learned today that one employee has tested positive for COVID-19.  The employee has not been in the facility since last Wednesday and just received a positive test result from a physician after developing symptoms.  The current CMS guidance requires us to suspend indoor visits until the first round of outbreak testing has been completed.  Outbreak testing was conducted today on residents and staff (regardless of vaccine status) and there have been no new positive test results as of this evening.   There are still a few remaining staff and residents who will need to be tested before we can conclude the first round of outbreak testing.  We will work diligently to complete this in the interest of resuming indoor visits as soon as reasonably possible.  We are hopeful that there will be no additional positive cases. Contract tracing was completed and it was determined that there was no resident exposure from this employee, therefore, we are not required to implement transmission based pr

April 30, 2021

 As reported on Wednesday, the CDC and CMS issued updated guidance for visitation, testing, and activities.  The revised guidance is located here  QSO-20-39-NH REVISED (  for your review.   In light of these changes, we have updated our facility policies to include changes that are addressed in the revised guidance.   NEW for visitation: When both residents and their visitors are fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touch) and not wear source control masks.  To clarify, if both are fully vaccinated, there is no need to wear a mask or physically distance during the visit.  However, when around employees, other residents or visitors not in your group, you must continue to wear masks and physically distance. The facility is not permitted to ask or require visitors to notify us of your vaccination status.  However, if vaccination status is unknown, we will continue to require masking. There is no change to the fact that if a resident is fully vaccinat

Update April 28, 2021

The CDC and CMS updated guidance yesterday, 4/27/2021, regarding testing, visitation and activities in response to COVID-19 vaccination.  We are currently in the process of reviewing the guidance and updating our policies to comply with the new guidance.  The facility is taking the necessary steps to review, update and adjust our processes.  Once we have updated the policies/procedures and educated staff, we will make adjustments to the visitation schedule.  We will provide you with updates as soon as we have additional information. Thank you for your patience. Sharon Eyster, MA, ACBSW, CNHA, FACHCA Director of Operations