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January 22, 2021

 Our weekly testing of residents and staff has been completed for this week and we are happy to report that there are no positive test results for either staff or residents.  We will continue testing staff twice a week while the county positivity rate remains above 10%.  The county positivity rate is trending down and is at 12% today.   We will no longer be testing residents every week since we have had no new positive test results in the last 14 days. Have a nice weekend! Sharon Eyster, MA,ACBSW,CNHA,FACHCA Director of Operations

January 17, 2021

 There were no new positive employee or resident test results last week.  We will continue testing employees twice a week since the county positivity rate remains above 10%.  This week, Lancaster County is at 14.9%.   As previously stated, we are required to test twice a week as long as the county remains at or above 10%.  Residents will be tested again this coming week due to the positive employee test result the last week of December.  If all test results are negative this week, we will not need to test residents again next week.  Our vaccine clinic yesterday was a great success!  Approximately 50% of the employees and 83% of the residents were vaccinated.  Our second clinic is scheduled for February 6th where all of those vaccinated yesterday will receive their second dose.  Additionally, any staff or residents who waited, will receive their first vaccine on this date.  We are optimistically looking forward to bringing this chapter to a close so we can return to life as we knew it. 

January 9, 2021

 We had one positive employee test result this past week. No residents tested positive.  The employee who tested positive had no symptoms.  The employee worked on Rosemont.  Rosemont is now Yellow due to potential exposure.  We are monitoring all residents for symptoms. So far, there are no symptomatic residents. Our vaccine clinic was originally scheduled for February 1st but the date has been moved up to January 16th.  We are very eager to get our residents and employees vaccinated!  It's time for us to get back to life as we know it.  Even though we have had sporadic employee positive test results, there has not been an outbreak amongst our residents for many months. We will continue to be vigilant with our infection control measures and use of PPE even after the vaccine is administered.