Lancashire Hall Re-opening Implementation Plan and Daily Update for July 23, 2020

Lancashire Hall Re-opening Implementation Plan

I have posted Lancashire Hall's Re-opening Implementation Plan here for your review.  We had been on target to resume outside visits according to our plan on Monday, July 27, 2020.  However, we were just notified that after going almost two months with no new positive cases, we have one confirmed positive employee COVID-19 result from the tests that were conducted this week.

According to DOH guidance, a new positive case requires us to revert back to Step 1 and implement restrictions again.  Communal dining will cease effective today.  The planned visits which were scheduled to begin next week are cancelled.  The TR Director is in the process of calling all families who are affected by this.  This was something that we were hoping would not happen, unfortunately, we don't have control over exposure and what  happens in the greater community.

Social Service is notifying all residents of the change in dining as well as the new positive employee case. There will be an updated message posted on the dedicated line family members call for updates. 

Our nursing team is conducting contact tracing to identify those residents who may  have been potentially exposed.  Residents who have been exposed will be moved to our  Yellow Zone where they will be placed on full transmission based precautions in accordance with our policy for cohorting.  All residents will be tested to identify any potential asymptomatic positive cases.  Residents will continue to be monitored for symptoms and have vital signs taken daily.  Staff will be tested again starting Sunday for weekend staff and concluding with all staff on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.  Screening of all staff will continue per facility policy.  We will continue to test residents and staff weekly until we achieve another 14 days with no new confirmed positive cases.

Administration is notifying the employees of the new case and the change in dining and re-opening plans.

This is very disappointing news for you, I am sure of that.   Trust me, it is extremely disheartening for us as well.   We have worked so hard to develop safe plans to finally allow visitors to return.  As I have reported earlier, our re-opening depends greatly on what is happening in the community as a whole.  As long as the threat of COVID exists, we are at continued risk.  Please be safe in your interactions out there! It is our sincere hope that we will not see any new positive cases in the next two weeks.  I will change the date on the re-opening plan which currently lists July 24, 2020; this was 28 days from the date that Lancaster County went green in the Governor's re-opening plan.  This date will now be pushed back at least two weeks, if not longer, depending on test results and any new facility positive cases.  We will keep you updated, as always.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please keep our residents and staff in your daily prayers as we continue to fight this invisible enemy.


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