Update June 6, 2020

Today there are no new confirmed positive resident or employee cases.  The residents who tested positive  yesterday were moved to a "red" zone in accordance with DOH and CDC guidance for cohorting.  We completed observations audits yesterday and today on each shift to ensure that staff are following proper procedures.  We have also done staff re-education and interviewed staff to ensure that they understand efforts as we continue our efforts to contain and prevent the spread of COVID.  Our primary focus is the health and safety of  our residents and employees as we work to abolish this virus from our building.
Today the PA Department of Health website is showing that there are 701 new total cases in PA bringing the statewide total cases to 75,086.  Lancaster County is showing 67 new cases today bringing the county total cases to 3404.  We are concerned and cautious about counties opening up, the warmer weather and everyone's collective desire for life to get back to normal. Watching the state and county numbers grow is leaving us with a sense of fear for how that will impact not only us, but all long term care facilities.  County spread will affect our ability to open our doors.  We want nothing more than to reunite families with loved ones.  We are also extremely aware of how difficult this has been for our residents and want them to be able to resume social activities as they did before this virus changed everything.  We will continue to follow recommendations of CMS, DOH and CDC as we move through the next phases.  Our staff will continue to keep you updated on any changes in guidance and the summary of what's happening in our building during our weekly calls.  As always, please call us if you have specific questions or concerns about your loved ones.   The next update here, unless there is any new information related to residents or staff, will occur on Monday.   Please stay safe out there and enjoy your weekend.


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