Update June 19, 2020

Today, we received 100% of the weekly test results for employees and residents and there are no new confirmed positive cases!  As  result, we have updated our "zones" and updated guidance for staff.  Appel and Baker units are both green; no positive cases and no potential exposure.  Rehab Front Hall is green; no positive cases and no potential exposure.  Rehab Center and Back Hall are Yellow. This area is being reserved for potential exposures.  Residents who go out of the facility for dialysis or to the hospital will be placed in  Yellow Zone in accordance with PA DOH guidance.  Rosemont has two residents considered to be in the Yellow Zone due to previous exposure related to hospitalization.  Because this is a dementia area, these residents cannot be moved off of the unit.  However, we have evaluated their individual situations and implemented necessary precautions.  Staff have been educated and new guidance has been posted throughout the facility and communicated to staff.
Weekly testing will resume next Tuesday.
As a reminder, we cannot resume visits until we receive permission from CMS and PA DOH.  Our guidance continues to be visitor restrictions.  We will continue with virtual and window visits until we are told it is safe to allow outside visitors by CMS and DOH. .  Please continue to call us with any questions or concerns.


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