Update May 6, 2020

Today, we received confirmation of two residents with positive COVID results. There are five residents with results pending.  There are no new staffing updates today.

Lancaster County has contracted with an outside cleaning company to disinfect their buildings before they re-open.  They have extended this service to the county nursing homes and we have taken advantage of the opportunity.  The outside cleaning service came in today to complete terminal cleaning and disinfection throughout the facility.  We will contract to use their services until the entire building has been disinfected. This will not happen overnight.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the County for reaching out to us for this valuable service!

The Department of Health reported 51,845 positive cases today, an increase of 888 from yesterday.  Lancaster County added 23 new cases to bring the county total to 2041.  There are still 27 nursing homes reporting 467 resident and 119 employee positive cases.

Staff will be reaching out to discuss some plans to celebrate Mother's Day.  Additionally, next week is National Nursing Home Week.  We will be planning special activities and meals for residents and staff to brighten spirits.  Have a good evening and thank you for your continued support.  Stay healthy.


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