Update May 19, 2020

There are no new confirmed positive resident or staff cases today.  There are currently four employee and three resident results pending as of today.

We were fortunate to partner with the National Guard and staff from the Centers for Disease Control on a pilot project in which we had all staff and residents tested for COVID 19 today.  The staff of CDC were instrumental in reviewing our current practices, making recommendations and providing education regarding infection control measures.  In addition to the testing, the National Guard provided education and support to staff on the use of PPE.  Thanks to the collaboration between the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania and the PA Department of Health for allowing this innovative effort in moving forward in the fight against COVID-19 in facilities such as ours.  The universal testing will allow us to identify those individuals who are positive but asymptomatic so that we can  respond accordingly using test based strategy.

It is and has been known that one way that COVID-19 spreads is by contact with positive individuals who have no symptoms and therefore have no knowledge that they are carrying  or shedding the virus.  The elderly are the most vulnerable population given their age and multiple comorbidities.  An unsuspecting virus that sneaks into any long-term care facility will rapidly take its toll on the people who live and work there.  Our sector has fought a long, hard, battle over the last several months and we don't know when it will end.  Prayers for the staff, residents and families in all long-term care facilities who have fought this enemy in spite of  the challenges faced.  Thank you to all the families, friends, and supporters who have offered words of encouragement during some of our darkest days.  

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported today that there are 610 new confirmed positive cases in the state bringing the total to 63,666.  Lancaster reported 41 new cases today for a total of 2595 confirmed positive cases.  The numbers for nursing home and personal care homes are no longer reported on the state website.  There is a link on the website for individuals to view data for each home.


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