Update April 24, 2020

Today, we received confirmation that five residents have positive COVID results.  Four of the residents reside on Appel, one on Rosemont.   There are nine other residents who have been tested but results are pending.  There were two reported positive test results for staff today. We received two negative staff results today.   As of today, we have 36 positive resident cases, 11 negative and 10 pending results.  There are 23 staff who tested positive, 23 who tested negative and three results pending.   Five staff have returned to work and several are scheduled to return next week.  
The residents are being treated according to their individual symptoms and in accordance with physician orders.  All are being monitored closely.
Numbers reported by the Department of Health today show that total positive cases in the state grew by 1599 since yesterday rising from 37,053 to 38,652 today.  There are now 147,491 negative results.  Lancaster County positive cases grew by 92 since yesterday from 1359 to 1451.  The nursing home and personal care facilities in Lancaster County affected by the virus grew by one, up to 23 from 22 yesterday. There are reportedly 327 residents  and 72 employees in the homes that tested positive. The numbers are not growing as quickly as they did several weeks ago. While we remain cautiously optimistic , we also recognize that we are not yet out of the woods.  We continue to follow CDC guidance specific to nursing home providers as well as directives from the Department of Health, CMS and other state and local agencies.  We are also following the CDC guidance and recommendations pertaining to health care workers who are returning to work.


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