Update April 14, 2020

We have been informed that one resident and one employee have tested positive for COVID 19 today.  We are continuing to screen staff prior to the start of the shift to make sure that they have no signs or symptoms.  If staff have symptoms, they are sent home and not permitted in the building.  If staff do not feel well during their shift, they are screened again.  If they have developed any signs or symptoms during their shift, they are sent home.  Staff are also screened when they are leaving their shift for the day.  Screening includes actively taking temperatures and completing a questionnaire.  Residents continue to be screened every shift.  The residents who  have tested positive remain in an isolated area of the facility with dedicated staff members providing care only on that unit.  Staff are wearing all personal protective equipment when caring for all residents.  Residents who are sick are provided with and asked to wear masks.  We continue to be in communication with the health care coalition and the Department of Health.


  1. If my mother will you get infected from the virus would we be notified


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