Daily Update April 22, 2020

Good afternoon.   Today we have learned of two more positive resident cases and two more positive staff cases.  Two residents tested negative as did two staff members.  The total numbers today are 27 residents with positive tests and 20 with negative results.  The number of staff who tested positive is 18 while the number of those who tested negative is 20.  There are currently 10 residents with pending results.  We are optimistic that the first group of residents who tested positive appear to have minimal symptoms and we are feeling reassured that they will continue to do well.  We are treating residents individually according to their level of symptoms.   As for the staff, of those that tested positive, five have returned to work and are doing well.  We are currently awaiting results of tests for 7 staff members.  The majority of positive resident cases are almost evenly distributed between Appel and Rehab.  The number of positive staff cases are primarily coming from Appel.  
The number of staffing going out for testing has presented a staffing challenge.  We have been supplementing with our support staff who have received their competency certification from the American Health Care Association to work in the capacity of a temporary nursing assistant.  Our therapy team and administrative nurses have also been working as direct care givers to support the care needs of the residents where needed.  I assure you, we ae monitoring staffing on a continuous basis and we have not fallen below the state required minimum hours during the pandemic.  Should that happen, we are required to report to the Department of Health.  We are fortunate to have caring staff that are willing to step in and support the nursing function through this crisis.
The Department of Health reported that there were 35, 684 positive cases in the state today.  136,272 negative tests were reported today.  The overall number of positive cases in PA grew by 1156 from yesterday.  Lancaster County today reports 1326 positive cases and 6104 negative test results.  Overall, Lancaster County grew by 31 positive cases since yesterday.  Nursing homes and personal care homes reporting positive cases today is 22, unchanged from yesterday. However, there is an increase of 14 resident confirmed positive cases from yesterday at 305.  There are reportedly 62 confirmed positive employee cases from yesterday, up two from 60 yesterday.
It is clear that we are not yet out of the woods as our numbers continue to grow at the state and county level.  We are all praying for the day when we can return to life as normal.  Our staff and residents thank you for your continued prayers, words of encouragement and kind words.  Please feel free to reach out to us as needed.  We are all in this together!  Please stay healthy.



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