April 19, 2020

There has been one confirmed positive resident case of COVID-19 and one negative today.  No new staff members have tested positive as of today.  Pennsylvania Department of Health reports that there now 32,284 positive cases in PA and 126,570 have tested negative.  Lancaster County has 1188 positive cases, up 75 from yesterday.  There are 21 nursing homes and personal care homes in the county reporting positive cases of COVID-19.  There are 260 residents in those homes that have tested positive and 55 employees.
We remain committed to maintaining transparency with you and keeping you updated on the status of your loved one.  Social Services will be reaching out to schedule calls with all designated family member/resident representatives this week to schedule personal weekly update calls.  In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.  Stay safe.


  1. Thank you for providing us information. Could you post info each day of total number of resident and staff infected to date?

    1. It is difficult to figure the total from these daily reports, but I've been trying to keep count, and I think this one today makes 15 residents. The report one day was confusing; I'm not sure if it was 5 more employees or just five today, so I think it's either 10 or 14 employees totals.


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